Lullaby for a Friend. 🐸

August 15, 2019

This is me learning to read music again after many years– with the help of:

A lovely little hymn I Am With You words written by Fred. P. Morris and music by Robert Harkness. This song (and many others in the public domain) can be found here:

For my friend who is feeling sad and lonely today. You are not alone. 😊🙃😊

With love and gratitude,

Nina Zain

Author: NZain


34 thoughts on “Lullaby for a Friend. 🐸”

  1. You must have posted this right after I checked here yesterday! That was beautiful Nina, thanks for sharing it! Whoever it’s for, it was certainly a blessing to me anyway. Hope you are having a wonderful day Nina!😃😺🌞🌳🌼


      1. Had a fantastic walk and almost got one of those nice big blue dragonflies, but not quite. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow. They won’t be around much longer so need to get one soon. I’m sure glad I can get out for this walk each day, clears my head and brings relief. I’m really not looking forward to when the bad weather hits and I’m stuck indoors all the time. Maybe writing will help then. Take care of your thumb when your out in the garden! I hope you have a great weekend!😃😺🌞🌳🌻🦋🐞


  2. Such a beautiful, calm, soothing voice. Oh, I loved it so much! Listening to it again and again… Really, your voice arouses a deep inner peace. Keep singing! And to your friend, I am there too 🙂


  3. Nina, congratulations on going back to learn the piano!!! It is so damn cathartic. Let me know if you need anything in this realm! Hymns are fabulous as they are such simple chord bases…. and also so many of them speak to our souls. Take a peak at Chopins easier nocturnes and preludes…. they are pretty easy to play and seriously incredible to play.


    1. Oh goodness that’s sweet! Thank you so much for the encouragement. I’m literally plinking out melodies right now on an online keyboard—just to tune my voice…yes, cathartic is right! I’m not even sure where to begin with piano…there’s a sad story behind piano and me which I’m now making up for in my middle age. Sigh…never too late.

      Yes, In this realm I need your beautiful inspiration and encouragement. Something you’ve already given me…thank you I appreciate the support and understanding. 🙏🏻. Can I ask you about your piano catharsis?


      1. It’d seriously never too late. I knew a guy who decided to learn in his late 30’s (ok, that seems young now, at the time I thought he was ancient, but the point is he was well into adulthood) and he practiced like a crazy man for several years and got truly amazing! So, the trick is practice, every day, or almost every day. Learning music is like an onion (to borrow from Shrek), it’s layers. Your mind will learn it if you do it in shorter amounts and consistentley multiple times a week rather than long amounts in one sitting. Trust me on this. You also need to challenge yourself. It’s best if you could have a piano teacher, and a really good one, and also a real piano… there is a huge diference, and there are so many free ones on craigslist. Start with scales. Do one every day, even if you start with a little baby scale. On catharsis. I’m going to say our brains are wired differently for music. When you play music something happens inside that is like magic. It releases feelings, emotions, joy, sadness and something inexplicable I can’t even express. It’s almost like excercise. You know how excercise lifts your mood? It releases endorphins, etc. Making music is like that. All kinds of neurons start firing that you didn’t know you had. It’s amazing. After a while, sometimes your fingers start playing on their own… it’s all to do with muscle memory but at some point when you get fairly good you see your body and mind literally take over. It’s like breathing. You don’t have to think about it. Long answer… but really I encourage you to pursue it if you have a love it. You’re a writer, so you know how amazing that is… playing the piano (or any instrument) is kind of like that. It takes things that are inside of us and puts them tangibly out into the world and it grows our souls in ways we could never imagine. I would be honored to give you any tips:)! I taught for a little while, but nursing paid a lot better than teaching piano.


      2. so I’m one big goosebump reading this. Thank you so much for sharing your passion here. I’m totally on board with you with the effects of music—magic. This is exactly what I’ve been recently experimenting with. My recent post “Baba’s Song Revisited” is a continuation on this theme—trying to express the inexplicable.

        I’m kinda speechless but smiling right now…yes—magic.

        There’s a new video project rumbling around in my brain—firing off unknown neurons! Dealing with all this—breathing, practice, discipline…oh goodness I’ve got work to do!

        So as of this morning, I started a new vocal practice—scales. Setting up a proper place and time. Singing is my first love…and for all the cathartic healing reasons you mentioned. I’m going to look for a small keyboard that I can get familiar with…slowly going…this is all so new and exciting. And I’m still “high” from this morning’s practice!

        Yes, I’m totally receptive to tips and feedback. And when I have questions I will ask you absolutely!

        This is how God answers prayers..and gives nudges.

        Nursing and music go hand in hand…you are blessed (and a blessing) to have both.


      3. Yay!! It makes me so excited for you! It’s wonderful to know that we never, ever need to stop growing as people! And I think what you said about discipline… yes, that is key… nothing worth anything comes without discipline. Funny you should be a vocalist. I am not… but my two daughters are… one who is on a considerable scholarship for her voice at Willamette University in Oregon. So, although I am not a vocalist, I totally get it and all the discipline, breathing, training that it takes. On the keyboard, try to get one that is weighted so that it feels and acts like a real piano. I would also suggest the Faber method (amazon has them) to work through your piano.
        It’s wonderful to talk to a writer who is also a musician! I look forward to your video projects and hope this brings you on a journey of growth and self expression. It was great chatting with you today and I’m smiling too:)!


      4. Faber —noted. Yes, I’d like to at least learn to play chords and scales and figure out melodies. Super cool about your daughter too. Awesome!
        Yes, thank you as well! Colorado Poet. My name is Nina. A pleasure to meet you. Keep smiling!!! 🙏🏻😊🙏🏻


      5. Cindy—my husband gifted me with a Yamaha YPT-260 keyboard this morning! He apparently wants me to keep singing as well. And you are absolutely correct—cathartic. 💓


      6. Get out, Nina! That’s amazing! Yamaha’s are the best…seriously, that’s all I buy. My kids have Yamaha keyboards and I have the other love of my life, a Yamaha grand, in my living room. But seriously, Nina, your husband, wow. I am absolutley humbled. He knew your passion and interest and gifted you the desire of you heart. Major props to him. That is something precious right there. I am so happy for you. I wish you were close… I would teach you myself! You’ve got this… I hope this blesses your life in so many ways.


      7. Aw thanks, Cindy. That is sweet of you to say. All of it! He IS super supportive of me…I am totally humbled—and after today’s first practice—happily tired.

        About a month ago I broke my left thumb, which is healing fine (seven stitches) a little weird to play, but I figure it’s gotta be good therapy!

        I found a cool online beginning course and I’m just going to take it from there and see what happens next. Slowly going…like learning to crochet.

        Thank you so much for your encouragement and support—I am blessed. I hope this is a blessing for others as well. Yep, music is truly a wonderful gift. So super cool you share your passion with your kids too! How wonderful to be able to play at home—in your living room!!—with your family. Have a great evening! I’ll keep practicing!

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