August 10, 2019

Dear Friends are getting married today. We are with you in spirit.🏹

This lullaby for the spirits of our children; may they grow up in love and kindness….may they sleep well at night.💞

Thank you for watching. And listening.

Warm heartedly,

©️Nina Zain

Author: NZain


35 thoughts on “Lullaby🧸”

  1. Yes…

    …the melody that is hummed…that tumbles playfully…

    ….that IS the child’s spirit…and what would we do without it?

    It’s such a beautiful thing. We must keep each and every one
    Of them
    Safe and well to hear the music just for them…In us

    So beautiful…so sweet!!


  2. Such a nice peaceful lullaby Nina!! And I loved all those photos with it, just fantastic. I really should learn how to do that, though I would someone else’s singing talents!😂😹😁🌞🐿I hope you are still taking it easy with that thumb.

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    1. I’m constantly rubbing my thumb trying to get circulation in there—feels weird all numb.
      I’m glad you liked this—having fun with recording and making these little clips—experimenting with different forms of expression. You can learn to do this too! You take such wonderful pictures!

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      1. Maybe when the cold weather arrives I will give it a try.😀 By then I might feel more like experimenting too. Might be a busy winter this year, doing this, writing a book or two.😂😁


  3. Congratulations to your friends who are getting married!
    Your video was really pleasing…
    Also, I had invited you for Sunshine Bloggers Award and Back To Basics Tag…
    I had tried to inform you about the former one a few days ago, but maybe my comment landed in your spam folder.
    Hope you are well!


      1. Oh yes spam! It happens with me wo many times too… I am so happy you participated 💕✨😃
        No hurry for anything, I guess. You must have a lot of work. I understand it very well 💕✨
        Thank you again!


  4. I found you via your comments on Watt’s blog. :))

    I loved what you did here… and I got shivers of happy-sad love-vibes listening to it… I love your sentiment behind it… the way I interpreted it is that marriage often takes place for the intent of starting a family… and that the utmost importance is the safety and love given to any children that the adults are lucky enough to be able to welcome into their union.

    The way you hummed it was heartfelt and I felt that love that you wished for this new union and possibly others, particularly the children of the world. Butterflies, transformation…


    1. Hi Nadine! Thank you for connecting and for your kind words. (thanks Watt). Shivers are always wonderful! Yes, whether the marriage produces children or not (my husband and I chose not)—still there is the sense of creating safety and love in the home which extends out into the world for all children—symbolized here by the lullaby. Yes, my heartfelt wish for the union of my two dear friends— and all unions. 💞

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      1. That is so beautiful!!

        Likewise thanks for connecting with me on Watt’s blog. 😊 I love the writer’s community here on WordPress. 💖


      2. It’s’ been fun! Yes, agreed. Super cool indeed. Thank you, WP🙏🏻 for making this moment happen.

        Had just one magical moment not happened before—
        This one would have (I am 99.9% percent sure)
        Never happened either.
        But unlikely.

        So to that man I passed on the street
        Who swept me off my feet—
        Thank you
        Letting me fall…
        An S.O.S
        You reminded me
        The time…

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