25 thoughts on “Song for Rain⛈”

      1. I used to love thunderstorms until one flooded my apartment. Now every time one rolls in I get nervous!😂🙀Muffin gets terrified. But I still enjoy listening to those raindrops, so soothing and peaceful. I finally got a poem I could use on my blog. Today was a hard day though, 2 weeks.😥 Sitting down at the river watching that swirling water was helpful though. Thanks for all your help Nina! Hope your weekend continues good!😃😺🌞🌳🐿🌼


      2. I understand. Constant rain, flooding rain—scary! Unnerving.
        Glad to hear you are doing better. And glad to see you are writing beautiful poetry too! Such good therapy to let the words out play. And something about watching swirling water to clear the thoughts. You are most welcome, Steve. And thank you for the well wishes. 😊💟🙃

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