I Am A Hot Mess!💥

July 29, 2019

Hello dear friends,

I’ve not been posting so much this past week as I’m nursing a broken thumb. Ouch. Seven stitches. Yep. A moments inattention while splitting wood, and I split my thumb right open. Pinched my thumb in a log. An alligator log. Chomp! How is that for a visual? The photos are pretty gruesome, so if anyone wants to see them…

The human body is amazing and after a week now, I’m doing much better, but still don’t have use of that precious human opposable thumb. Sigh. I am however, super grateful for modern emergency medicine and antibiotics. I don’t have to amputate! Yay! Well, at least not yet. Hopefully, all goes well and stitches come out in another week.

And then there are wild fires about an hour from where we live. While we aren’t in any immediate danger (some 600 homes are 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻) the smoke is hazardous. I’ve always said that in my garden is where I feel closest to heaven–well it’s like hell outside right now. Breaks my heart cause this fire is human caused. Illegal campfire. Started as five acres and last count it’s grown to roughly 12,000. So unnecessary.

So, while I am a complete hot mess I just want to say thank you to all you super kind folks here. Your warm hearted friendship is so dear to me. Every comment, every kind exchange is good medicine indeed. Every emoji ❤️😊🙃🐿👍🍦🍪🍰🐙🐭😇 makes me smile. And all the love, hugs and prayers gratefully received and given…this is a beautiful community. I so enjoy seeing all the different country flags! Just so grateful we can connect all over the world.

Well, I do hope to post again soon. Don’t know where we will be. Depends on the which way the wind blows. Just know that you are All in my thoughts and prayers. Be well dear friends.

With love and gratitude,

Nina 🙂

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31 thoughts on “I Am A Hot Mess!💥”

  1. Dear NZain, cure up soon!
    I was really missing you these days wondering where were you gone. Once I even thought of asking that in a previous post but I thought you were in a vacation or perhaps busy so I didn’t have enough guts… 🙂
    Take care, lots of hugs and love to you! ❤


    1. Aw thank you, Sophie. That’s very sweet. Dragonwarriors must have guts. 🐲but they can still be a bit shy too.🙃
      My head was full of pain meds and antibiotics. I slept a lot at first. Been reading lots—mythology to recharge. Time for an adventure….I’ll be back…soon…💞


  2. Well, ouch. Did you have to gruesomely describe it? 😂
    Hope it gets better without amputation!
    Long time no see my friend…now we know why ☺ miss your Poetry…waiting patiently =) *hugs* until another day, hopefully soon!

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  3. It’s really horrible news and hope it will get better and no amputation!
    Wild fires are also a great harm and these people need to really be punished, hope they will be contained ASAP
    it’s great to have you in this community and wish you to recover very soon ❤


  4. Did you split the nail (cringe)? Ugh! Nice there will be NO AMPUTATION (mantra). Keep good thoughts on it; positive healing thoughts. Research has proven THIS REALLY WORKS. Absolutely!

    Last year and the year before last, my part of California was on fire. I worked in a school nursing office last year, and had to call 911 for asthma attacks on kids that were usually quite well. The smell of smoke was in our house for weeks after, and we were at least 50 miles from the hot zone. SO…stay cool and safe. Got my Guht’thoughts on ya!

    Peace and swift healing to you! Nothing I have opposes that, ‘cause my thumb works and it’s up. Would be kinds cool if it was disjointed thought…point it 120 degrees in any direction, and watch people get all cringe-y and faint (cackle). No…pictures aren’t necessary, as you can see…I can imagine all sorta things, and that’s enough to be going on with.

    Lots of love in spirit!


    1. Oh thank you, Ian. I sure do appreciate the positive healing thoughts! Something I completely agree with. Fortunately I did not split the nail—but the kind Doctor made three holes (to relieve the blood) with which to make stitches—ooh just thinking about it now! Good no one wants pictures. Gross! But also nice for me to see the healing process. We are amazing creatures.

      Me—in denial…”that’s not my thumb…”. Me accepting—“my thumb will heal. I have a thumb.” I’m off the pain meds. Thankful for pain meds…

      Last year playing catch with a football (I love to throw a football!). I injured my middle finger (HA!) mallet finger. Soooo….yes, I have a funky crooked middle finger which doesn’t hurt—just doesn’t work so well. But it is fun to point.

      Th poor kids who suffer with asthma. It’s really hard with the smoke. Brain functions stop. Last year was tough on us all. We were doing so good this year. No lighting storms yet. But somebody with an illegal camp fire where they shouldn’t have been. One spark in steep dry forest. Poof! Winds are blowing the smoke right at us. However, it’s ok.

      We are camping on the coast—the weather is super. No complaints. And—today is our 23 year anniversary. Woohoo! We’re getting to know each other in a totally different wonderful way. So grateful to him taking excellent care of me this past week—cooking, cleaning, changing my dressings—all of it.

      I’m tucking in with a good book (ok—so I packed five or six books) and taking long walks on the beach. Life carries on. Lots of love back at ya! Thank you, m’friend.😊🙏🏻🍪 your words brighten my day.

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    1. Yay! I finally baked a batch—one handed. Talk about a mess! Haha! But we are enjoying them here on the coast—beautiful and clear. Best night’s sleep we’ve had in a week. We’ve come to plan our summer camping trips contingent on the fire season—and could both be very happy living as gypsies! It’s very sweet—we meet lots of older couples who travel up and down the coast in their mobile homes. That’s us now in training…

      And today is our 23 year wedding anniversary. Hubby is taking excellent care of me. It’s nice—we are getting to know each other in a totally new way. A healthier way. A lot of gratitude. I feel like a kid all over again.❤️

      Keep writing your beautiful poetry, my dear friend. I love reading your thoughts!
      😇💥💨🦍🎨🍪🐿—I’m have too much fun with emojis.


  5. Hey Nina! Nice to see a post from you again, I’m looking forward to having you back all the time,😃😺 I certainly miss your poetry and videos, especially right now since I’m at about the lowest point I have been in my life.😕 Good to know you are enjoying your camping time,⛺⛱ I used to enjoy that too at one time. I pray your thumb heals up completely so you can use it normally again!👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️Our modern medicines and medical abilities are certainly great! Hope your day is fantastic!!😁😸🌞🌳🐿👍


    1. Steve, thank you for the prayers and for always being so sweet and thoughtful. Even when you are feeling down. Sigh…I’m right here if you want to talk about why you feel so low…but I can almost guess. It’s good to give the sadness a chance to speak too—so important. Wish we would allow more of it—teach our kids it’s ok to express sad. Might just inspire me to write a new poem. (i seem to be all out of words at the moment). 🧿🎭🌀💙💎😇

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      1. I would like to talk with someone about it, it’s really eating me up right now. But it’s hard in public. Maybe if I commented on one of your older posts? Would that be okay?


  6. Wow I can imagine that was quite tragic. I’m happy to know your spirits remain up and you seem chipper. Sending healing prayers you way, Nina. Have a blessed evening! ❤ x


  7. Nina, I am pleased you are healing from your injury. I understand your concern with fires. When I lived in Montana (until about 12 years ago), wild fires were always something to pay attention to. I can recall a prairie fire near the community where I lived. Fortunately, the fire was burning to the east of town, and the prevailing west winds kept everyone safe.


    1. Hi Mr. B! Thank you—yes, healing. Ugly, but healing. The human body wonderfully created! And my husband is taking excellent care of me.
      Fire is a concern. People are a greater concern. Illegal campfires in steep dry country. Debris burning in high fire season…sigh…cigarette butts.
      Last night we had several lighting caused fires—‘‘tis the season” and we watched helicopters fly with big buckets of water. Awesome pilots! Grateful for our firefighters!

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