Sunshine Blogger Award🌻

July 13, 2019

Thank you, Renee for giving me this award. 🙏🏻. I give thanks for sharing in this blogging experience with you!

It is such an joy to visit Renee’s blog with a cup of tea…Hearts abound! Always positively radiant and completely down to earth–if you haven’t been to ❤️Hearttokens❤️–go over say hi–and get a get a great big dose of inspiration and warm-hearted friendship.

I looked into my teacup and saw this…and thought of you 🙂


1. Use the sunshine blogger award logo

2. Give thanks to the blogger that nominated you

3. Answer the 11 questions given to you

4. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 questions

Renee’s questions:

1. What is your favorite holiday?

Ukrainian Christmas is celebrated on January 7.

2. If you had to choose between traveling by train, ship or plane, which would you choose, if any of these?

At age 20, I traveled by myself, across the United States–on a Greyhound bus. Michigan to California–three days journey. And I had a good experience. People were kind–I remember a nice family traveling with their small children willing to share their food with me…

While living in India my husband and I traveled across the country on a train. From Benares to Chennai–three days. Again, kind people willing to engage in dialogue and share food. A common theme amongst travelers?

Air travel is super cool…once in the air–don’t get me started about airport security. Rockets! Space travel! Ahhh…now I’m dreaming.

3. Would you sleep in a treehouse?

Absolutely. :

4. Would you sell your house, downsize and move into a cottage?


4. Would you eat something you consider yucky (like a spider) for a million dollars?

Absolutely. Oh wait. Can I get that deep fried?

5. Do you prefer dressing up or casual, comfy clothes?

Mostly casual comfy–but the occasional special dress up is fun.

6. What is your favorite childhood pet memory?

I had a pet bunny and a German Shepherd. Wintertime we would ice skate on our little frozen pond. Yep, bunnies like to skate on the ice–just like Thumper and of course the puppy wanted to skate as well–just like Bambi...

7. What was your worst childhood injury? (Broken toe, etc)

Broken spirit. The scars you can’t see.

8. If given a choice, would you ski or scuba dive with the sharks?

Oh goodness. I gave scuba a try some years ago–didn’t go so well for me–still too much fear to overcome. Maybe I’ll give it another go one day.

Jet ski? We jet ski in summer. The old stand up skis. So much fun! Flying along on the water! With sharks? This is fantasy, right?

9. What’s your favorite/dream vehicle?

My dream vehicle–the one where I’m buzzing along, but there’s nothing (no actual car) around me; flying across town, zipping past, dodging in and out…yeah that one 🙂

10. If you could change the world, how would you do it?

By changing myself first. Change my perspective–the way I look at the world. Is it working?

11. Which do you prefer, moonlight or sunshine?

Ok, is this a psychological question here? Like asking to choose between friends? One or the other? Hmmm…ok, moonlight then…UPDATE: yesterday evening I sat out under the moon…sunshine I love you, you know I do…but there’s just something about moonlight. Magic. Stillness. Contemplation. Light in the dark…


If anyone is interested in participating in this award (and I do hope you are!)–I would love to hear from you in the comments. Let me know and I’ll send you questions.

With much love and gratitude,💞🙏🏻

Nina 🙂

PS. I made a video and really wanted to sing “You Are My Sunshine” but–copyrights…

So please just sing along!

Author: NZain


43 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award🌻”

      1. Ok, I’ll get on it! Hey, thanks for the encouragement. I know, there’s a lot of bloggers who aren’t into it. I get it. But, it’s also just such a cool way to connect! Have a great day!

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  1. Congratulations Nina!! A well deserved award for sure!! Eating a spider even for a million dollars might be a tough one for me! Scuba diving, well, I get claustrophobic in that kind of situation, doesn’t work for me! Enjoyed your answers!! Keep up with those great videos!!😃😺🌞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Steve. I appreciate it. Yea—this was fun from Renee. :). I know how much you loooovve spiders. HA! Deep fried—I think I could do it. As for scuba—well, I might reconsider it again one day, but I just didn’t feel comfortable or confident enough at the time—I understand claustrophobic for sure!
      Glad you’re enjoying the videos—hope you sang along…:)

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  2. Congratulation m’dear! This is wonderful! You share so much wisdom, and we gain so much insight into the human condition, and we all benefit. It enlightens us all, and the Sunshine Blogger Nomination is just perfect here.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aw thanks, Ian. I appreciate the kind and encouraging words. The sweetest part about this is the community we are building here. It’s so nice to connect with others in a supportive and positive way. That to me is what these awards are all about. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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  3. You are such a ray of sunshine dear friend, even through stormy days. Thjs award suits you. Love your answers, love the video, loved the song (I listened right to the end and it was so worth it) 🧡💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hope you sang along! Ahhh…this was fun and more than anything it’s just sweet to make connections and support each other’s work. Thank you sweet friend. Always😊💞

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      1. Oh my goodness—technical glitch…sigh..oops the song was to be cut out at the end of the video. Ha! Silly me. I’ve fixed it now. But I’m glad you enjoyed it :). 💞💞


      1. tat sounds like a lovely trip to be had, I did meet up with some lovely folk from WP both locally in Malaysia and when I was in the US earlier this year. what an amazing experience to see the real people they are! I would love such a tour, tell me when and where?!!

        No I don’t accept awards now, I used to do a lot when i fist started blogging and it is great for new bloggers to be recognised and appreciated. thank you for the loveliest thought though. I am happy to just pop over to read and enjoy the beautiful writing and inspiring thoughts from you.


      2. WP WORLD TOUR….this could be fun dialogue, no? Super cool bloggers from all over the world…creating a network with the mission of traveling to each other’s countries…for real or fantasy who can say? It would be a lot of work to pull it off.
        But also fun just to dream…
        I get it—and I’ve been watching and learning here how all of these chain letters and awards work…in the beginning I didn’t understand what was being given to me…giggling about it now reflecting on it….so I did nothing. I was too into creating my posts, my art—Awards seemed too much of a distraction at that time—because I was so new! Too new to begin receiving awards.

        Ok, now I’ll accept awards gladly! Ha! The questions are fun and thought provoking. I like that. I also see, now, that yes, awards when given from the heart—as this one and my other previously posted awards are—it’s super sweet. An honor to honor others. So I give you an honorable mention—because you deserve it.

        Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad to hear you find beauty and inspiration here, kind friend. This is truly the sweetest accolade. You are always most welcome to visit and share your own beautiful inspiration here. always.

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      3. it would be awesome! i am game just let me know where and when!! seriously

        yes the awards were a little confusing at first for me then became quite overwhelming, so I declined. but it is a good way to introduce ourselves to the blogging community. there are a lot of good people here.

        we all need a balance, i found through my humble experience that i need to focus on my creativity first before I spend time reading posts or I just lose track of time, so many wonderful posts to read! never feel bad that you are concentrating on your writing.

        I like the softness of your words, they flow very delicately, a reflection of your soul. and hope to visit as much as time permits me too.

        take care and hope you will have a really good week ahead, i am glad we connected.


      4. Haha! Does give me much to think about…traveling the world for friendship, peace and free speech…
        There are tons of good people here! I understand overwhelming—totally get it. All of it. No. Never feel bad for concentrating on your writing. Wise words indeed.
        Oh what a kind compliment, thank you. I will certainly keep this close to my heart.
        Yes, you also have a great week ahead and I too am glad we connected. Be well.

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  4. Ain’t Renee such a sweetheart?Yes she is and directed the award to a deserving writer as well.I must admit I haven’t read much of your writings but the few I have is the initial reason why I even am following you so yes keep up the good work and make the world a shiny place.Kudos!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Aw—thanks! Yes—I found your blog because of Renee too. A wonderful connection! That is what I so appreciate about the awards—a nice way to interact and get to know each other. Glad you are here PePa. Thanks for connecting and your kind encouragement.🙏🏻

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  5. Congrats for sure I love your blog and your sweet videos. I love the way you shared this, and your video, I could imagine your sweet voice singing, “You are my sunshine.” I love that song, I used to sing it to my daughter when she was little. I love all the answers you shared. Happy Sunday to you Nina! Big blessings to you! I’m going to see about your Hearttokens friend. ❤ ✿ ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m all smiles and goosebumps reading your comment. Singing is so dear to me—because of exactly what you just said “…sing it to my daughter…” I stopped singing for years—and I’m just starting to find my voice again. And it feels so good! Yes, please say Hi to Renee from me. Thank you again, dear Michelle. So grateful for our connection. Blessings received and given🙏🏻😊💞


  6. This is some nice dream vehicle 😀
    Broken spirit is the worst but we learn how to heal with time 🙂 well done fried spider will be no bad haha
    Nice shot from your cup with this heart 🙂 and nice video as well dear Nina 🙂 Congratulations for a new award and had fun reading your answers 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aw thank you, Lance. Always so wonderful to connect with you. I deeply appreciate all of your kind and encouraging words offered here. And your beautiful poems always touch my heart. Thank you for you continued support.
      Your friend, Nina 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I don’t think you’re getting that dream vehicle any time soon XD
    P.S Mr.Cat is adowable ❤

    Oh, btw, I've nominated you for special blogger award bc…you're special XD ❤


  8. What is wrong with WordPress, I’ve missed three of your posts. So so we’ll deserved, and there must be a hundred more coming your way. ☺️


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