27 thoughts on “Addiction:Prayer for a good friend.💫”

      1. Ha! Understood—sometimes I still feel like a little kid too….Well, you have quite a talent—a gift—an awesome responsibility. It is very good to meet you here. I wish you continued success on your journey, Dragonwarrior! Looking forward to reading more from you. 😊

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  1. You’re such a great friend ! Prayers definitely! People with addictions always need someone who won’t turn their backs on them ! I’ve been there with a few friends !

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      1. It’s always important to be there for your friends ! No matter what they do and are going through ❤️ you’re welcome !


      2. Yes…and sometimes being there means stepping away—let them figure it out. It’s difficult watching friends suffer. But we can’t suffer for them. 😊

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      3. I definitely agree with you ! I lost a best friend to a overdose a year ago ! I tried telling him that he has family and friends that cared for him but some people choose the hard way out


      4. Oh Chaz—it’s heartbreaking. It feels so helpless. If they won’t accept help—what can we do? Keep praying for them. Even now. Yes, sadly, some people do choose the hard way out.
        On a happier note—sounds like you’ve got new life to celebrate, eh? I wish you all the best!!

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      5. Yes I do ! I’m so happy to welcome a new baby in the family ! Thank you so much dear ❤️


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