The Dying of NZain Robotewske🥳

June 5, 2019

This was written during a time of physical pain a week or so ago. Sometimes words feel to me like splinters that need to come out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey as much as I have! Thank you everyone for all the supportive and kind words expressed here. My faith in humanity is restored.

Beauty in the shadows.

Dedicated to Nour Lee 😊

May 25, 2019

We want to write

Perfect scripts, but life

just doesn’t work that way.

Life IS ALL a play!

Life is hard

And callous.

And wonderful…

Tell me, why do you follow me? What do you want?

My thoughts and ideas?

My kinship?

Another follower?

If I like you will you like me just the same?

What are you looking for?

Your next victim?

Enough beating-off

Around the bush!

Just who do you think you are?

“It is not for thee (O Prophet) to make people follow the right path, since it is God (alone) who guides whom he wills.” —The Message of the Qur’ān 2:272*

I may not know much about a lot of things—but of this I will say:

I know truth when I see it.

And I get—it’s threatening.

But only to some people.

So, tell me again what is it you seek?

If it’s a new pair of sneakers—I can’t help you. If, however, you are in need of cheer and a reminder that perfection is a constant; you are in good company. This is why I am here. Not to fight or compete or in any way tell you what you should do. Only to say, “Do it well. Whatever you do.”

It makes no difference to me who you are.





White sheep

Black sheep

You are


Equal to me and please don’t take this personally or

Become offended if

I quietly choose


To follow you.

Some paths are meant for others and some are just dead ends.

The goal is up ahead and

Time is ticking…

Take heart weary-travelers and be of good cheer—we are not alone.

This is the beginning of Happiness Ever After.

Please join me, (at your will) as we, navigate together through sad stormy seas and cool caring comfort. Whew—that’s a mouthful!

With God as our Captain, his prophets as our guiding lights: my name is Nina Zain and I will be your navigatress on this ship. (So probably not a bad idea to make sure you have your life-jacket. Cause you know, just in case.)

We are all in this soup together. What flavor will you add?

луковый купол

I do hope you will come along with me for the next adventure. Stay tuned! I’ll be busy working and experimenting–but I will be back…

With love, gratitude and prayers,

Nina Zain 🙂

*The Message of The Qur’ān. ‘Trans.’ Muhammad Asad. Melksham, Wiltshire by the Grace of God, Redwood Press Limited, 1984 ©️ Pola Hamida Asad, 1980, 1984.

Author: NZain


32 thoughts on “The Dying of NZain Robotewske🥳”

  1. This is so sweet and kind of you!
    “Tell me, why do you follow me? What do you want?

    My thoughts and ideas?

    My kinship?

    Another follower?

    If I like you will you like me just the same?
    “Tell me, why do you follow me? What do you want?

    My thoughts and ideas?

    My kinship?

    Another follower?

    If I like you will you like me just the same?”
    Some of my thoughts indeed! It’s always why. Why not though? That’s the question we must often ask ourselves. Why not?

    I’m guessing the ayat from the Queen is verse 272 and the second surat?

    And I’ll love to be in your ship. Since you’re the captain though, I’ll take some swimming lessons 😂 just kidding 😂 (no really)

    I love this part! “I know truth when I see it.

    And I get—it’s threatening.

    But only to some people.”

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  2. Lovely Nina…Life is tough if we think that way otherwise it’s simple… It’s all on our attitude. Yesterday, I went through incision of my molar which was painful, and after that I posted blog on awards, and all those lovely comments made me forget all pain I had.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Anjali thank you! Yes, life is tough—we choose our attitude always. Oh teeth pain is horrible I hope you are feeling better today.
      Awards are great on days when we don’t feel so good—glad it was helpful to you. I so appreciated your answers. 🙂


  3. Life is hard
    And callous.
    And wonderful…

    Isn’t that so true?!?! So true. That’s exactly how it is. Wow. Thanks for putting it so succinctly.

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  4. I thought you were quitting blogging, then I read the post, now I’m wondering if you’re quitting blogging. You say “my new adventure”. Don’t tell me you’re done with this one?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Watt😊🙃 no I am not quitting blogging—not yet—just taking a new direction. My cocoon is getting too small for this old caterpillar. Death and rebirth—always, but its still me🙈. Thank you for your concern.
      I am going to take a summer break and read Dante’s Divine Comedy so I won’t post for a bit. But I’ll be back. God willing. Keep writing! 🙏🏻💞

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Mr. B. I look forward to seeing where life takes me next. A bit of summer break and summer reading. Thank you for all your support here. I so appreciate the kind encouraging words. Always.

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    1. Good! Safety first. Humor second.
      Thank you—I’m named after my grandmothers. One of those unusual no one could ever quite pronounce correctly names. Now I’m like whatever—as long as it comes from the heart.
      Yes, ready to let NZR Rest In Peace where she belongs. New beginnings…big sigh.
      We will be out of internet range for a bit—but I plan to have muddy knees and a camera with me. And Dante!
      Be well, and keep writing your beautiful romantic poetry, Rachel! Keep growing!
      With love and gratitude, Nina 🙂


  5. Wow Watt mentioned that you sent him a sunshine award and I wanted to visit and see about your blog. Moving and raw and full of deep truths. I read your Chapter 1 on the blog then the reader took me to this page. I feel the same way about following or not following. I didn’t come here to get them. WP has been cathartic for me as well. My Pa had just died when I started and I wanted to deal with my daughter’s lifelong illnesses and somehow my mission changed and slowly my heart began to heal. Sharing is so healing I feel also we meet others along this journey that suffered some of the same abuse and violence that we have and they speak a language that is knowing to one who has been there. I love what you are sharing. I’m so happy Watt shared your blog! Have a wonderful summer time break! Blessing to you! 🙂 Michelle

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for connecting and sharing your story!
      Yes, sharing is so healing and what a great opportunity we have here with WP.

      Dealing with losses and suffering is something we all have in common. We are not alone. I’m happy to know that through your own suffering your heart began to heal. I look forward to reading your blog.

      Thank you for reading my story—I’m glad that it touched you. It is wonderful to meet others along the way and build our community here.

      Watt is a gem! Not just a talented writer—but a super cool human too. Thank you for the blessings and I also send blessings your way as well. 🙂 Nina

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So happy you are here and we have connected. I love the way you think and share so beautifully.

        It’s so nice to find new bloggers to be through others that show up at my blog! Those are the best kind of friends I’ve found. Have a wonderful week ahead. 🙂 ~ღ~

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Agreed! This is why I appreciate the “awards” and how we can network together. Yes, I’m ready to come back from vacation and get writing again this week. Thank you for the kind words—it encourages me :).

        Liked by 1 person

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