The End of Crying 🌈

May 23, 2019


The tears I’ve cried

for you-

In the middle of

the night


lost count of

Little black sheep

Playfully nudging

My hand.

“C’mon lady! Let’s go play!”

And I can still hear her singing…

“Look what’s comin’ up over the hill.

Look what’s shinin’ on my window sill;

With the blue bells ringin’

And the blue birds singin’

It’s Sabbath! Again!” –An Elegant Lady Rochelle

Taught me this song long ago so I would remember.

I remember you.

With love and gratitude,

NZain 🙂

Author: NZain


8 thoughts on “The End of Crying 🌈”

    1. Ooh interesting question. Yeah—perhaps a bit of both—hmm…Remembering Rochelle’s song from 30+ years ago (we knew each other only briefly before she left) I can still hear her beautiful raspy voice—see her smiling away and laughing—the antidote to sadness—where ever you are today—this is for you. Thank you for asking, Rachel! Happy memories 😊


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