Eye Strain 🥺

May 16, 2019

Well, I’ve done it. Done it to myself.

Given myself a case of good ol’ fashioned

Computer eye strain. Yep. Working too much

And staring too long at the screen.

And this time Mr. Cat is making sure I nap-no peeking

No cheating…

Herbal eyewashes–time to shut down; go

Within and listen

To the Inner Voice…

I’ll be back, but until then

I leave you with a favorite piece from my story:

And From Your Ashes I Arise

Chapter 4

Nov 27, 2017

“Get over it!”

They said.

But it was too big

And I was too small.

“Let it go!”

I was told.

But it followed me.

I tried to go around it

But soon found it was everywhere…

I had no other choice but to go through it.

And to my surprise




It was dark inside,







A warm glow in my heart

And a smile on my face

Grew brighter and brighter…



I can see

More clearly

All the images

That once haunted me

Are nothing

More than



If you liked this piece there’s more to the story…


Be well and may God bless

With love and gratitude,

NZain 🌼

Author: NZain


30 thoughts on “Eye Strain 🥺”

  1. “I can see

    More clearly

    All the images

    That once haunted me

    Are nothing

    More than


    This is amazing ❤ I’m so happy that you’ve moved on and healed fro your troubles. You’re very strong indeed 😊

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Good morning Steve and Muffin-thank you for the well wishes. No rush, slowly going. Lots of lavender tea eye compress. Be back soon with renewed focus and direction. Cats really are wonderful! Be well :)🐥

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Please tell me the name of your cat is actually Mr. Cat. That is the most dignified cat name I think I’ve ever- and he’s so cute I can’t even…

    I love how this poem feels- it starts with a sort of neurotic paradox, that those suffering from mental illness (or any emotional struggle really) behave as they do because they don’t feel sure that change will help them. But then the step through that darkness and suddenly the catharsis- that it was all not as bad as I had thought and I feel damn better now.

    Loved it, as always.

    Keep writing, my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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