Just a peek…🦸🏻‍♀️

May 14, 2019

“Hey! You sleepin’? No?”
“…ok, go back to sleep…”
Happy TMI Tuesday from Mr. CAT 😽

Inspired by Mr. A. I’ve already told you most of my secrets…🧚‍♀️


Visit my friend and enjoy a heartfelt giggle. May God bless all the barbarians in gentleman’s clothing! 🙏🏻

Be well,

NZain 🙂

Author: NZain


35 thoughts on “Just a peek…🦸🏻‍♀️”

      1. Awww… TMI are usually my breaks from writing serious stuff. It also has a way of humanizing the words on my blog.
        I picked up TMI back then when an ex of mine has a sex blog. =)

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      2. I appreciate the light-heartedness on a topic that touches each of us right to our core. Sex may be a sensitive topic—but it doesn’t need to be taboo.

        Respect, dignity, humor, maturity=vitality and love for our fellow beings. Love for life. And it all begins with loving oneself…❤️

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      3. this reminds of my own lolos.
        I have one lolo, who has a half spanish and half filipino sastre (tailor). I wonder what he thinks of me when I dress up…


      1. Cats are always correct. Or so my cat has led me to believe. Do as your cat does!!

        Thank you for this nomination, you are lovely!! I haven’t managed to actually fulfil the requirements of an award nomination … yet. Stage fright and all that. I’ll try! Means a lot you have thought to nominate me 💜

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  1. Nothing cuter than a sleepy kitty. And BTW, a friend and I visited New Zealand some 20 years ago. We spent 3 weeks in a self-drive, B&B, tour of both islands. I know now that I’d need 3 years to do and see all I’d like to do and see in NZ. In fact, if I didn’t have the beauty of California where I live, I’d want to move to NZ in a shot. I do love your country.

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    1. Hi Barbara, thank so you for visiting here! Mr. Cat is on my lap now watching me type.
      I too would love to visit New Zealand! I’m giggling now I realize—N. Z. is my name, not the country—although I’m with you on loving New Zealand. And lovely people too! Hope you have a beautiful day-and please come visit again! 😊

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      1. This makes me smile – for a while, I did think you were a fellow New Zealander because of your name. A little disappointed you’re not, as then you’d be a few thousand kilometres closer!


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