Thank you for allowing me this journey with you. 🌈

May, 13, 2019

Thank you to everyone who has visited and read this story. Thank you for every “like” every kind, insightful and encouraging comment. Thank you also for sharing your own struggles and triumphs here. We are not alone in this world.

I am full of gratitude and emptied of sorrow; humbled and excited to begin something new–inspired by this awesome, mysterious, and terrible existence. None of this would be possible without YOU!

Most of all, thank you for allowing me this journey with you, dear reader. It cheers the heart and uplifts the soul to be in glad company!

In heart-felt gratitude,

NZain 💜

Author: NZain


23 thoughts on “Thank you for allowing me this journey with you. 🌈”

      1. Oh goodness-my head will swell-and then you’ll have to deal with that monster! Ha! Let’s just keep encouraging one another to create more beauty and less suffering in the world. Deal?

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  1. You’re welcome!!😍😍
    All we need is each other my friend, it’s the only way to survive and overcome the difficulties of life.

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