16 thoughts on “Wisteria Wishes πŸ’œ”

  1. NZain… From the bottom of my heart, this has made my day. Those wisteria photos are breathtaking, the clarity and focus in those purple flowers… And that you have posted this with me in your mind…. Sigh.

    Whimsical, wistful, wisteria – the perfect acconpanent to a shirt of hope and wishes. And yes, both will do, we need both.

    Thank you my sweet friend. For filling my day with such beauty.


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    1. Thank you! I’ve written so much about hopeβ€”but sometimes hope can be difficult-it does require action. Here was a message for me to just relax and make a wish. Enjoy that childlike innocence of wishing, because some things are out of my control, but that doesn’t make the wishing any less sweeter.

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      1. You’re welcome and right, it is sweet to wish. So, wishing you a beautiful remainder of the day. πŸ™‚

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