Who needs a hug?🕷😡

May 10, 2019


Poem for a Friend

Hey, I hope you don’t mind

me saying this:

But lately,

I’ve been


On what is it


I find so

charming about you.

Just thinking about it makes me smile.

I like sharing time with you!

And it doesn’t matter we don’t see

each other for weeks






I’m glad to know you miss us too

and we are also in your thoughts…

So what it is then?


Believe me

when I say

I’ve put some time into this riddle.

Ok. Here goes:

Nowhere have I found a place (until now)

where I can be so vulnerable—and still feel so safe.

In fact,

I feel really good

about myself

when we

are together. Go figure.


I said it.

Nothing like a good vent between friends, eh?

Are you blushing?

You can always make me laugh..

…and I always feel better.

You laugh at my jokes—.

and don’t take offense.

You never take sides.










Seen without you.

Of course

my worst




I somehow


or not

Hurt you—

That would break me.

I pray, Lord keep you safe always.


Originally posted And From Your Ashes I Arise Ch 6

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NZain 🧚‍♀️

Author: NZain


17 thoughts on “Who needs a hug?🕷😡”

  1. Those are great words for a great friendship and I believe when people communicate and speak, it’s rarely they hurt each other’s for good 😊 there’s always a way back! have a great day 💕

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    1. Ahhhh-a way back. Lovely. Thank you for saying so. And making me think—sometimes words can be harsh and hurtful—because truth hurts the ego—and sometimes it is for our own good to hear these words from a trusted friend.
      Because of love. What do you think?

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      1. It’s my pleasure dear to state my mind after your deep words 😊
        If you’re asking me, I’m a very honest person and my friends think I’m harsh sometimes but I rather say the truth than tell sweet lies, but here we face a problem : what we consider truth and best for someone, might not be the same for the other party and even if we were right, each person learn from their mistakes so here the paradox: we’re saying the truth (what we think it’s right for them) but they think we don’t know what right for them or we’re too harsh…here our role ends but hopefully on good terms…
        Hope I delivered my idea

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      2. Most eloquently delivered. 🙏🏻 Our yoga teacher in India would say “only sweet truth you are telling”. He had no problem telling anyone “You’re too fat!” HA! But always he came from a place of sweetness. And he could get away with it-not just because of his advanced age-but because of the wisdom that shone through is being.

        The hardest is when seeing a loved one display self-destructive tendencies. It’s heartbreaking.

        I agree I would rather say the harsh truth (for their own good) or not say anything at all. No sweet lies. We all learn at our own pace. And sometimes there is nothing we can say—our role ends-yes hopefully on good terms-at least peacefully. Thank you dear. Sending you big hugs! 🤗

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      3. My pleasure dear, glad my words resonate and were helpful 😊 oh well we can always try and it’s really heartbreaking when we see someone drowning and refusing to even take our hand 😕 not easy but each person is responsible for they own decisions unfortunately
        Big hugs to you as well 🤗🤗

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  2. Reading this is like the feeling you get when you have been hugged. I see how much you believe in the power friendship and it sounds you would be the kind of friend no-one would ever want to lose. I loved this:

    “Nowhere have I found a place (until now)
    where I can be so vulnerable—and still feel so safe.”

    What could be a better place to find?

    You’re a beautiful soul NZAin.

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    1. Your words give me goosebumps—they just happen 🙂
      When I wrote (until now) I had the feeling of ‘this is the beginning of a truly healthy friendship based on mutual attraction, respect and support.’ Something I’m not so sure I was capable of (being all messed up in the head) before.


      And I’m learning that to truly hold another’s heart in trust is an awesome experience.
      One beautiful soul to another, my sincere gratitude for you, Rachel. 💜

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  3. Oh this is so cute.
    It shows the side of love that we don’t think about often- platonic love. Using similar phrasing to romantic love you’ve put together a poem that is as charming as the person it’s about.

    Loved it.
    Keep writing my friend

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