May 8, 2019

Le-vo-car-dia n. A term denoting normal position of the heart…

Dorland’s pocket 28th edition Medical Dictionary 2009

Where did my friend go?

Did I say too much…

Or perhaps not enough?

She found her way

into my heart

And by

the very same door

with which

she entered

She left; without

A word

An apology

Or another word spoken.

(No man could ever hurt me like another woman)

Her love for me was as deep as her need.

And now, she is gone;



I know,



My heart



The right place;

And the love that flows through my open door—is


How could it be any other way?


I wonder,



Years later—do you still think of me?

If so,

Then catch this thought:🧚‍♀️


AM sorry

For the





That would make you get up and run


No apologies asked.

No forgiveness received.









It is—with


Eternal damnation awaits-






Figment of

YOUR imagination.

Don’t you get it?

Do you still hold

On to

The pain?

(“…it’s ok lady…just let it all go…”)

Правда приходить до вас “Shall we go?” Реінтеграція її душі

Pray for me is all I ask

When pleading your case

Against me; and I will do the same for you—


En-countering the enemy.

🧚‍♀️ my sincere gratitude always, NZain 💦🌞🌈⛈🙏🏻

Shout out to WATT for rekindling my interest in medical terms and trusting “the din…”

made with love by miaisdreaming

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Author: NZain


14 thoughts on “Priceless”

  1. Ah, people come and go and sometimes we have no idea why. Still, the heart doesn’t move… it’s right where they left it. Excellent, NZain

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  2. “No man could ever hurt me like another woman” – the bonds between women, can be so intense, meaning we can hurt each other in equal measures that we manage to love each other. I love your use of levocardia, our hearts remain in the same place, levocardia. I think this is a beautiful testament to unconditional love that can remain between friends even when one has hurt the other. It is so hurtful when this unconditional love is one-sided though. Beautiful and thought provoking writing.

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    1. Thank you so much, Rachel woman to woman for understanding this. Yes, it hurts to feel betrayed, especially by another female—because it is so intense—hurts even more to keep the doors open. But, what else is there? Shut off the flow of infinite divine love? I would still rather risk the hurt than close my heart. Maybe that makes me a fool—but it’s ok. Wouldn’t be the first time I’m called a fool. 😉 Ha! People are free to come and go-always. It is so sweet when they return on their own—of course, trust is a whole separate issue…

      As always, thank you for taking the time to read these ramblings and share your thoughtful insights. I so appreciate your perspective and your support. 🧚‍♀️

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      1. Your generosity of love shines bright NZain, not foolishness, just loveliness. And yes, I understand this woman to woman… I am sorry you’ve been hurt in this way, you clearly deserve the kind of love you show to others. I hope you have other friends who do show you the love you deserve. 💙💙


      2. Ahh that is sweet—thank you. And no need to be sorry. We all have our moments of weakness.

        Yes there was an “incident” many years ago-and it crushed me. But, then I grew up. There is a lot of poetic license here (just ask Claude. Ha!). —and I know it can be difficult to grasp an idea—when we all have our own! Right? And that’s a good thing! How to describe a feeling so universal—I mean, really—who hasn’t been hurt by a woman before? But, who has been loved a woman before? Like you said—“equally…” A wonderful thing! And I’m just speaking as a woman. I like to hear the men speak to. 🙂

        How often in our interactions with others is there an agenda or some other motive. The other “needs something”, but it’s disguised as “friendship”. It’s difficult to trust anyone with the heart. And yet, the heart yearns for deep connection—to “be seen”—like you say.

        But, when you say “to be seen”—please link your moon ripple’s poem here (if you like 🙏🏻) so others can read for themselves—You paint a picture that is “offering”—to be seen in love and beauty. (Are you grinning?-I’m giggling—you bring out the romantic in me.). Is it worth the risk? “The Fear of Pain” (thank you JudiB. for those wise words) of losing something you thought was yours—“where did my friend go?”

        I posted that a month or so ago on Twitter. Really got me thinking-and our conversations about “my friend”—and what it means—💜🤗💙 how freaking awesome this existence truly is! Infinite love flowing through us…in all its infinite forms—even the forms we don’t like to acknowledge. We affect each other right down to our very thoughts!

        Oh goodness I’m talking your poor eyes out! Please bare with me.

        And yes, I am loved and I have been loved-and I’ve hurt those who loved me-I have most certainly gotten what I deserved. And I am grateful. To those who still hold grudges and think poorly of me—pray for me.

        I wrote a piece for a very dear friend who has shown me such kindness and acceptance-sometimes we laugh about it—why do we feel the need to open up to another person’s drama and complexities? What’s the value in it for me? And how sweet it is to know the ‘other’ truly does have your back—that they are truly interested in your well-being and happiness! A very lovely, tragically beautiful, young woman taught me this about love.

        While it may be a rare quality-and I believe we all show love the only way we know how—this is what makes it so precious—priceless—and sought after. But I’m just the scribe for the caterpillar. Ha!
        Keep loving, lovely painter of words Rachel.💙


    1. Yay!! Thank you, Diane! I’m just going to sit back and bask in your heartfelt words. My sincere gratitude and appreciation for the kindness and nourishment you serve up in your kitchen. 🙏🏻💗🧚‍♀️🥰

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  3. These are amazing words full of honesty, truthful words and statement!
    Worst part when people suddenly leave even if they have good reasons, it’s better to speak at least about it…
    Loved your sincere words and invitation as well to find an old friend
    Best of luck and great poem 😊❤️

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