April 7, 2019

Once upon a very long

time ago-

In a country

so old-

the people





their name-lived

(You guessed it)

A princess.

Like every good fairytale.














(But whose story is it anyways?)

Always a wrong

that needs to be set right—

A “dragon to slay.”

A “call to adventure.”

It’s dangerous work being a princess.

A ‘true princess’

possesses civility

and courage.

She is kind










She is quick to forgive.

(So says

All the good fairytales

I’ve ever been told; or read somewhere…)

But, back to our story…

Our little girl grew up

not knowing




“Royal blood.’

But oh! the way she played!

She must have had an inkling…

Years went by.

(As they do…)

At first very happily-

When there’s

no cares

in the world

and it’s summertime…

But always the same story—

Darkness enters the land, by way

Of a backdoor: it’s up to a

‘True princess’-with the help

Of her


Mystical) friends

(Of course)

To: set the kingdom in order and break the spell over the people…

But our little girl

didn’t grow up

in a castle,

did she.

And how was she to know-

she was a princess—

if no one

ever told her?

Such was, the state of affairs, in this country so old;

The people had all but forgotten their name.

That is to say:

Not everyone forgot…

Author: NZain


14 thoughts on “Fairytale”

    1. Thank you—I like that: “beguiling and intriguing”.
      As is so often the case—unaware of the true nature within-until something…
      Yes, I think this story will continue to develop.
      Thanks for reading and for your comments! I appreciate it 🙂

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  1. Hey lovely,

    It is a beautiful post, i Liketo look at lie as a fairh tale whether it is or not, it is. I’ve to expect a beautiful future. I guess it’s also nice to remember that some of of my favourite characters were shunned and ridiculed in fictitious and outside of it. Good to see our inner princesss. It’s funny how so many stories follow a similar pattern , I wonder where creativity comes from, why it’s piepose is? And why this story line is so prominent. I feel like there could be more to the “story”. I love this post, such a nice concept and well written. Keep it up! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Mia. ‘Happily ever after…’ There is something to the “princess archetype” that touches deeply to the core. It is sad the current culture has dismissed the princess and reduced her to a pejorative. She was never weak-waiting for the prince to come rescue her. And my goodness what they’ve done to the prince!
      Yes, the good get ridiculed and mocked-but remember-there is a dark spell over the people and by their own evil ways-they invite their own fate. But in the end, and this is just my thought-all come to understand in one way or another how their own actions create their own heaven or hell.
      Glad you love it! More to come…

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      1. Yes, being kind in a cruel world is certainly not weakness. The Princess archetype never resorts to violence, oppression or cruelty – yet she is able to defeat even the most sinister opponent and unite the people. The Princess shows the ability to unite people, and set aside differences. It takes strength and power to offer love in a love starved world, to be kind to people who will see this kindness as weakness, or some sinister play to gain advantage. In a world that promotes self interest, it is amazing when someone chooses to offer kindness to others at the expense of themselves. It seems to me the Princess archetype is the one that awakens the Prince, who till he awakens to his Princess is just a shell, blindly floating along. I think by the Princesses example the Prince seems to better himself. One does not simply slay dragons after all! ;). Anyway, as far as I am concerned, I simply like being good. Like you say we create our own Heaven or Hell. This world is very dark, but I choose to live in a World I believe will be redeemed. I believe in humanity and i am happy to fight for a better world. I had a very sad childhood, I was beaten a lot, broken bones, bullied, by 13 I got caught in gangs/ drugs etc, it gets quite dark. I remember at 6 years old, when i was being beaten, I remember thinking I would be rescued by Batman or something silly, you know like in the movies? Good guys are always saved… But no one saved me, no one cared. So i internalised I was the bad guy, and deserved to be hurt. It took a lot to heal, but now I know I am my own hero :). I was never alone, I had myself. I was so much stronger than I realised. I am so lucky as I have met so many amazing people, like you (virtual meet), and had so many deep friendships. The people that hurt me have turned into friends, it is crazy! But they now are trying to turn their lives around and make amends. I think that is beautiful, maybe if my suffering can lead to growth in other people, so they don’t hurt others… Well then it would certainly be worth it.

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      2. “sinister play to gain advantage” that is the hardest. It’s predatory-and it hurts.
        Thank you for sharing your story here. Heart-breaking and Heart-warming.

        What you say-that you internalized and felt you deserved to be hurt—that right there is something I think many of us who were abused can relate to. We were too young to know any different. And by age 13-yep. Crucial age…

        That you can see the beauty in the suffering-that it didn’t callus you-and that you are now a light to the same people who hurt you! Dear sweet, Mia—it’s not just that you are lucky-you are a blessing to the rest of us with your beautiful heart and soul. 🌈 it’s your nature!

        You came into my life with such grace and loveliness-and opened my heart with your kindness. Yes, there is darkness in the world-there is darkness in people’s hearts. But there is also goodness. Christ knew this. Today is Good Friday-yes, if our suffering can lead to growth in others—it is certainly worth it!

        Please keep writing and sharing your beautiful thoughts-the world is starved-and hungry! You are a survivor. You are strong. You are a hero. Thank you, Princess. Many good vibes being sent your way💫💫💫💫💫

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  2. Love this!
    I don’t like the way they have vilified the prince and diminished the princess, nowadays.
    Fairy tales were not meant as literal translations, but the morals and meanings between the lines. Dialogue that ensues after the story is read, between parent (or grandparent) and child.

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    1. Thank you, Piroska! I totally agree. How did ‘princess’ and ‘prince’ become pejoratives?

      Yes, the morals- oh gosh-now that you paint the picture of the child with the parents-grandparents—so true! Such a beautiful image.

      Thank you for reading and for your lovely comment. I enjoy the exchange of ideas-and this encourages me to continue with the story.

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  3. Awe your words are so sweet. You have no idea how nice it is to hear such kind and thoughtful words. I am so glad fate brought you into my life, and brought me to your blog. I just read your message now, needed some time. It’s strange I have trouble talking about this, but I know I want to. I feel guilt and shame, but I want to own my story. I don’t want to hurt the people who abused me by implicating them… But, denying myself ownership of years and years of my life is so hard.

    One of my family members who hurt me a lot, is now not doing well. I cut him out of my life for a while, but then he Over dosed and was hospitalised. He was crying so much when I called him, he said everywhere he went he hoped he’d see me and he felt so bad, and just wanted to hear my voice again. He was in a good place for a while, but now he has become anorexic, he told my Mum, he feels like I turned people against him, but I know that is not the case. I don’t think he can deal with his self hatred, he did so many bad things… He really turned his life around and became a much, much better person. Trying to be kind to everyone, helping out, but there still remained this darkness. He said he would spend the rest of his life trying to make amends, but you know – there is this darkness. I wonder where it comes from, he battles it, but I see it. Furthermore, I worry if I tell my story I will un-do or harm people who have changed . For example, my first love, was the Son of this billionaire gangster. The father was a sick man. Anyway the son was a crazy drug addict, messed up, he was my first proper experience with a guy, i was so naive. He treated me so badly, he liked to “watch me suffer”. Ten years later, he had turned his life around stopped drugs, started yoga, married, had a couple of kids. He said he loved me after ten years and that I was the only one that had always been there for him. He said he never felt worthy of love, so he pushed away the things he truly wanted. He said I helped him become a better person, which is nice, he really became a friend. I have a lot of stories like this. Though nothing is ever wrapped up as neatly as I am making it sound, things seem to be moving in the right directin, and i don’t want to undo that.

    How does one own their story and share it, without implicating people? Perhaps if i do it anonymously like now… I know to heal my younger self I need to acknowledge her. When I was a kid I took photos of one of the times I was really badly bashed up, there was a note I wrote for my future self, please remember what happened to me, someone has to care. I found the note and pictures at 25 after I broke my hand to punish myself, when i did something wrong. I was so messed up I believed I deserved to be hurt. I began a journey back into my past, and what happened, where I came to hate myself so much, When I showed my family the photos at first they all denied my story, but I was like stop look at these photos do not tell me I am lying! I remember so many times.

    I know that young girl deserved to be heard and seen. I think it will help set my present self free.

    You’re so courageous, it is so inspiring for me. Furthermore, you are so kind. It is so nice to be called a Princess, I love myself, but I am used to most people seeing me as a loser or wierdo. Though, that has changed a lot since I started healing :). Thanks so much for creating this platform for sharing and storytelling. I love your posts, they are creatice, impactful and a pleasure to read. It is also so nice to be heard, especially by someone so special like you… Thank you so much :)!!!

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    1. Been sitting out in the garden thinking how to respond…your story is touching-all of it. “How does one own their story…without implicating people?” Good question. Often best answered with a qualified therapist. 🙏🏻

      I get the image of going to confession-which mind you-I’ve never been. Might be kinda nice 🙂

      It is hard. The whole dang thing is a challenge! Telling what happened, matter of factly-“this happened, but it’s ok now. And I wish them well”. Don’t want to stir up anymore emotions-I get it. This is why I use a pseudonym. Not because I’m trying to hide. But I just don’t need to make things more difficult for my family. Rather than telling specific incidents-I’ve tried to convey more of a feeling. And like you’ve retold-they denied your story anyway. That hurts the worst.

      Yes! You must acknowledge her! Giving your younger self a voice to express herself-and I think you already know how to do that 😉 you make beautiful art! I hope you will let me share the lovely pictures you made for me here on the blog? They add so much to the story.

      Thank you for your kind words-I do have an inkling-just how nice it is to hear kind words🥰! I am glad to hear you are inspired! Courage or rashness-I haven’t decided. HA! Just doing my best, like you, like every one we know. It is nice to be heard-it is nice to let the story out. Especially nice when someone else can heal because of it! 💜.

      So grateful for you-for all our friends-and for all this crazy existence!
      And now, I’m being summoned for dinner. Always a pleasure to exchange positive healing thoughts with you. I hope more to come 🌻🌈👿😻😇💫


      1. Hehe lovely reply 😊. Please use the images, I made them for you. They are yours 💯. Just glad you like thwm💜💙😊🕊. So happy I met you. You’ve taught me a lot, and given me courage to express myself, it’s nice to open up and feel understood and appreciated 💙🦋💗😊.

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      2. Like them love 💕 them! They are super sweet-lovely gift from your heart. I’ll post them “miaisdreaming” so readers know they are you. 🙏🏻

        I definitely need some pictures here. More color. Slowly going…anyone ever tell you that blogging isn’t work—hasn’t blogged! Ha! It is however, a ton of fun—and I am also learning every day from fellow bloggers. A bit like being in class!

        I’m happy our paths crossed as well. 💜 did I give you courage? Are you sure? Maybe I just directed you to where the courage has always been? 😉
        Keep expressing yourself and others will too! 💫

        It’s nice to open up-horrible to feel betrayed. Something we can all relate to on some level. I want to keep opening my heart-even if it hurts sometimes.


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